5 Trending Paint Colors of 2018

5 Trending Paint Colors of 2018

This blog is for those of you that have wandered through a home improvement store staring at every paint color, brought home tons of swatches, but just couldn’t commit to a decision. Don’t worry, we’re guilty of this, too. There are WAY too many options and it’s hard to make an important choice based on a sample the size of an index card.

Choosing a paint color is a difficult decision and it’s one that you’ll have to deal with for a long time. After spending time and money on the application of the paint, you want to LOVE it. It can’t be too bold that it scares people away, but staying completely neutral may not be your style.

Our general advice to stay light and bright to make your home more welcoming and relaxing. Don’t be afraid to stick to neutrals, because there are TONS of ways to add color to your home if you choose all white or beige walls.

But if neutrals aren’t your thing, here are some GORGEOUS trending colors of 2018 that are great to add to your home!

1. Blush Pink

This color is absolutely PERFECT to add to a neutral theme. It’s still muted, yet it gives the room the right amount of color for any home. Blush is very calm, yet it exudes a happy aroma into any room.

2. Spruce Blue

This gorgeous grayish-blue will give any room the sense of tranquil relaxation. This color is great for any bathroom, living room, or kitchen.

3. Ocean Blue

This beautiful blue with accents of bright white shades will uplift any room into a relaxing space.

4. Sage

The perfect hue of green to paint a bathroom or open room in. This elegant shade of green is not too bold, but provides a colorful warmth to light up any space.

5. Marigold

This is the perfect accent color to add warmth to any room. This sunshine gold uplifts any boring room with a beautiful essence of gold.