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Meet the Maslows

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Welcome to The Real Homes of Jupiter. Situated just north of Palm Beach and just south of the Treasure Coast lies the sleepy coastal town of Jupiter, Florida. From our famous golf courses and world class beaches, Jupiter has so much to offer residents from all walks of life and across all age groups. As a top real estate team in Jupiter, we have the inside scoop on all things HOMES in Jupiter! From eclectic seaside inspired cottages, to luxurious waterfront beauties, the Real Homes of Jupiter is a monthly feature presented by the Meyer Lucas Real Estate team, showcasing Jupiter's most inspiring homes and their amazing owners. Sit back, relax, sip yo' wine, and let yourself be inspired! Do you know someone who would be a good fit? *Scroll to the bottom to find out how you can nominate them for next month's RHOJ*.

Maslows at Home

Welcome to the Maslow Abode.

Real Home Of Jupiter: Edition Two

10 out of 10 women in the Jupiter & Palm Beach area voted October as their favorite month.
(Polled: our ten Meyer Lucas Real Estate team members, September 2018)

There is something about the month of October that just really hits the spot for people. In October, the pumpkin spice scents in the air are strong and the seasonal vibes are stronger. Pumpkins appear on porches, the fall foliage home decor comes out, and as #JupLife locals, we see a break in our high south Florida temperatures and settle into our lower humidity fall season, opening up so many wardrobe options (hello, boots and sweaters. I’ve missed you. * heart eyes *) Basically, October is just so vibey. (See what we did there?)

October is also a very special month to one of our favorite Jupiter power couples - the Maslows. Not only are Anthony Maslow and Valerie Fiordilino Maslow’s birthdays both in October, but they also bought their first home from us in October 2017.

To that end, we couldn’t think of a more fitting couple, and Real Home of Jupiter, to feature for our October RHoJ edition than the Cozy Maslow Abode.

If you’ve spent any time in the Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens area, it is very likely that you have seen or met Anthony or Valerie at a local charity event, supporting various local causes (particularly for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society — we’ll get to that in a second). Val and Anthony are inviting, warm, and entertaining people and their home mimics those exact characteristics.

Take a look for yourself and fall in love with October’s Real Home of Jupiter: The Maslow Abode.

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Meet the Maslows

Anthony & Valerie are one of the most selfless couples you will ever meet. They both have made it their mission to improve the lives of others, whether its through their professional careers or their philanthropic endeavors.

MLRE had the opportunity to sit down have a glass of wine and discuss everything from how they met to what inspired the welcoming home they built together. “We both come from big Italian families. We met 4 years ago in a networking group and have been happily married for 2 years. Since we share the same Italian roots, it was important to us that our home was a perfect place for entertaining.”

“Val and Anthony are two very special people and their home is no different. I love their soft, neutral color palette. My favorite thing about their home is how effortlessly inviting they’ve made it feel. That’s something money can’t buy and decor can’t create.”
— Holly Meyer Lucas | President, Meyer Lucas Real Estate, Design & Renovations

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Maslow Abode

1. What inspires your home decor?

2. What's your favorite space in your home?

3. What's your favorite piece?

4. And where did you get it so we can copy you?

1. What inspired your home decor? 

"We wanted a modern bright look with some accents of my favorite places, Italy and Jupiter" 

The Maslow’s home has the perfect balance of neutral tones creating a bright light look that can inspire any coastal lover. The accents of pure whites accompanied by soft metallics and mirrored furniture combines creates modern vibes with clean lines.  

2. What is your favorite space in your home?

"Growing up in big Italian families its only natural that our favorite place in our home is our kitchen. We love entertaining our guests while cooking them a delicious meal. That’s why after purchasing our home we immediately renovated our kitchen and created a passthrough to the dining area.”


Having a great kitchen-to-dining room flow was something critically important to Val and Anthony during their house hunting process with their Realtor, Holly Meyer Lucas.

They ended up falling in love with a townhome in Jupiter with a big wall between the kitchen and dining room, so they decided to create a pass-through window/countertop between the two spaces. The result is fabulous and completely nailed the vibe they were going for.

3. What's your favorite piece in your home?

"My faux fireplace! Love using it throughout the year as it has an option to be on with or without emitting heat. It’s my absolute favorite.."

4. And where did you get it so we can copy you?

I found my fireplace on Wayfair but Amazon also has great options!

Growing up Italian we were both raised that love starts in the kitchen. It’s easily our favorite place to be in our home.
— The Maslows on their favorite space in their home.

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A big thank you to The Maslows for allowing us to showcase their gorgeous home!


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