10 Ways to Add Color to your Home

Are you bored with the current neutral color scheme in your home? While you may love the clean look of white or beige walls, there are tons of other ways to add color in ANY space! Here are ten ideas to spice up your decor and add a pop a COLOR!

accented wall.jpg

1. Paint an accent wall

If neutral walls are your thing, but you feel like your home is just a little too plain and boring, try an accent wall! Accent walls are great because you can change the feel of an ENTIRE space, by only changing one wall! Pick a color you love, such as the blue in this room, and go crazy! Then, tie everything together with some matching pillows, chair cushions, or curtains! There you have it, a totally new look!

color pop pillows.jpg

2. Pillows & Throw Blankets

A super easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a room in your home is to add decorative pillows or throw blankets! Take a boring, neutral-colored couch and turn it into a fun piece of furniture by adding brightly colored pillows and a blanket to match. Check out the purple pillows on this couch!

color pop add plants.jpg

3. House Plants

If bringing crazy colors isn’t in your decor preference, try adding indoor plants to any room in your home! Any space can come to life with the addition of bright green leafy plants!

color pop couch pink.jpg

4. Colorful Couch

If painting an accent wall is not an option and small decorations aren’t enough for you, go wild with a colorful couch! Perfectly placing a brightly colored couch in a neutral space can completely change the feel and it will surely impress guests!

color pop chairs.jpg

5. Chairs

Another easy way to add color to your decor is with fun colored chairs! Turn a boring dining room into a space that you are excited to entertain in! Check out this awesome dining space transformed by bright, red chairs!

color pop artwork.jpg

6. Artwork

A great idea for adding color to a room is through artwork. With the addition of artwork, you can showcase your style and bring color into any space! You can also add small decorations with the same colors to complete the space, as shown in this photo!

color pop green curtains.jpg

7. Curtains

Curtains are another awesome way to add texture, pattern, and of course, COLOR to a space! Spice up a bedroom with bright green curtains like the ones seen here!

color pop light fixture.jpg

8. Lighting

If you’re looking for a little bit of a different way to incorporate new colors into your decor, try a fun colored light fixture! Completely change your kitchen decor by adding bright pink chandeliers!

color pop blue bed.jpg

9. Bed

Looking for another different way to get that pop of color in your bedroom? Try a colored bed frame and transform a neutral room to a beautiful bedroom oasis!

color pop rug purple.jpg

10. Rugs

If your decor is already complete, simply add a colorful rug to any room! Check out the pink and purple rug in this dining room! While the furniture and decorations may be minimalist, the rug makes the space fun and exciting!