10 Storage Solutions that Don't Involve a Closet

Finding enough storage for your clothes, shoes, handbags, and other accessories is tough. It seems like no matter how many times you reorganize and get rid of old things, there is still never enough space!

If you don’t have a closet in your bedroom or your current closet just isn't cutting it, this post is for you! The Meyer Lucas Real Estate team in Jupiter, Florida has 10 solutions to add more storage to your room without using a closet!


One simple solution is the addition of a clothing rack. While you may not want to display your clothing at all times in your room, a clothing rack can provide expansive hanging space you've never had before! And it can give you a chance to display your trendiest pieces as part of your decor!



If displaying your clothing is a little discomforting to you, try a wardrobe! Find one that matches your decor and there you have it. Adding a wardrobe can provide you with increased hanging space, as well as drawer space!


3. USE your bed frame

If you’re looking to add some storage to your room, you may want to purchase a bed that has built in storage! Some beds come with shelving built underneath or in the headboard. This space is discreet and stylish and can solve many of your storage problems!


4. Under bed baskets

Don’t want or need to buy a new bed? Simple solution: place cute baskets under your bed to conceal your storage and add to your decor!


5. Storage bench

Do you have space for a bench? If so, purchase one with built-in storage. This way, you’ll be adding an accent piece to your space, while getting the extra storage you need!


6. Hang accessories

Accessories can take up a lot of space. Scarves, jewelry, and purses all need a place to go! Hang hooks on your wall for necklaces, handbags, or whatever accessories you have!


7. Use a bookcase

Have an old bookcase that can be used? Store your folded clothes, shoes, or baskets of accessories on a bookcase for extra storage!


8. Trunks

A trunk is a great piece to add to your room! It provides storage, but it also looks cute and can be used as a bench!


9. Floating Shelves

storage - floating shelved.jpg

If you don’t have a lot of closet storage, you may want to add floating shelves to a wall. They can also be used for clothes, shoes, bags, and baskets! Add succulents and small decorations to your shelves to add style to your storage!


10. Vertical Shoe Rack

Don’t have anywhere to put all of your shoes? Don’t fret! Try a vertical shoe rack! It will organize your shoes neatly, look great, and keep those shoes from being all over the floor!


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