First 5 Things Guests Notice About Your Home

Ever wonder what goes through the minds of the many people who step foot in your home every year? Are they completely judging your messiness or are they impressed by how you’ve got everything in order. Well, we’ve made this blog to let you in on the first 5 things guests notice about your home and how you can make a lasting impression! 

1. Cleanliness

While you may think your home is sparkling clean, your guests may not have the same definition of clean.

For instance, maybe your home is dust free, but your kid's toys are sprawled all over the floor. Your guests will pick up on clutter as soon as they step foot in your home! Dust, dirt, and crumbs will be noticed!

If you want to impress those guests, make sure to deep clean your home and rid it of all its clutter before outsiders enter the house!

2. Scents

Do you ever wonder if your home has a scent? Well if you have pets or kids, you may be victim to having a horrid house smell without even knowing it!

Light candles, use essential oils, add air fresheners, or bake cookies before your next house party to kill the lingering smell in your home and give the space a fresh scent! This will make your guests feel welcomed in your home!

3. Plants

Another aspect of your home your guests will notice is your choice of greenery, or lack thereof.

Adding green plants can create a more relaxing environment for guests. Whether they are real or fake, they can make a huge difference in calming the atmosphere.

Just make sure your home isn't overcrowded with too many house plants, because this can scare off your guests!

4. Lighting

Lighting sets the mood, and your guests will surely be aware of the mood your lighting gives off.

Harsh or bright lighting can have a negative effect on your house guests, so opt for lighting that is more gentle and calming.

Try a modern or eclectic light fixture to add wow factor to your home!

5. Paint

Something your guests will definitely take note of is your paint color and its condition. While you may feel it is unnoticeable, house guests will notice chipping paint, scratches, and holes in your walls.

They will also be affected by your bright paint colors that don't fit with your decor. Tone down your paint colors and fix any chips or holes to make a positive impression!