Design Tips from A to Z

Are you thinking of redesigning or redecorating spaces in your home? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all the tips and tricks to successful home designing in this A to Z list of design advice.


Accessorize! Just like your accessorize your outfit with the cutest shoes, handbags, jewelry, and sunglasses, you home needs accessories too! To add pizazz to any space, bring in throw blankets and pillows, curtains, wall art, flowers and plants, and little decorations.


Be bold! When designing or decorating spaces in your home, don’t be afraid to try something different or unique! Even though others may not be bold enough to try it, doesn’t mean you can’t rock the look!


Create contrast. The key to a well designed space is to have a cohesive flow, but also to incorporate contrast, which pulls the room together and catches the eye of your guest. You can create contrast with color, texture, or shapes.

Check out the black & white contrast in this stunning modern kitchen.

Check out the black & white contrast in this stunning modern kitchen.


Don’t forget to have fun while redesigning or redecorating. Whether you are working with a designer or you are tackling the job own your own, the process should be fun! Don’t stress over the little things, and take your time to find the right pieces to add to your home.


Entryways can make or break your home. When guest enter your home, you want them to feel welcomed and relaxed. Your entrance should set the stage for your home, and it should include some type of storage for shoes and coats. Some additions that you can include are mirrors, plants, or small decorative items.


Floating shelves are great for a bare wall or space that needs a lift. Head to your favorite home decor store or hop on Amazon for some trendy decorations for your shelves. Opt for strategically placed books, bowls, succulents, and small canvas art pieces.

Love the plants cacti, flowers, and artwork here!

Love the plants cacti, flowers, and artwork here!


Go green! Green plants and flowers are a great way to give your home some color, as well as create a more relaxing atmosphere.


Hardware is one of the simplest ways to change the look of an entire space. Take your space to the next level by replacing your kitchen or bathroom hardware. Brass and gold accents are on trend right now, but chrome and silver are still in the game!

If you have a modern or contemporary kitchen, opt for a sleek, elongated pull for clean lines. If you have an antique look or intricately designed cabinetry, opt for knobs or unique choices.


Invest in your home and quality pieces. If you find a piece of art that makes you happy and completes you living room design, buy it! If you have some extra money to upgrade your kitchen cabinetry or bathroom vanities, do it! You spend a lot of time in your home, so create spaces that you enjoy living in.


Jazz up your home with the right lighting. By swapping out harsh or old lighting, you can change the atmosphere of a space. The right lighting can help you achieve your decor dreams without breaking the bank!

modern kitchen - light.jpg


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Take care of it and give it the love it needs! Make sure to keep it organized & functional, and make upgrades when needed. An updated kitchen can sell a home!


Less is more! You may think that you have to add a ton of plants, little decorations, and art to achieve a perfectly decorated space. That is definitely not true. Take careful consideration when adding new pieces and make sure not to overcrowd your rooms with too many dust-collectors.


Molding can make a big difference. We recommend the addition of crown molding as a way to update your home without making too big of changes. Your guests will surely be impressed with the details of your new molding!

This crown molding is to die for!!!

This crown molding is to die for!!!


Natural light does wonders for your spaces. If you need to lighten a space, use curtains instead of blinds on windows so they can be completely opened during the day!


Organization is necessary! It can seem like a hassle to organize and declutter your home, but it is a must! Having an organized home will help you relax and be productive.


Pops of color are a must! Even though neutral color schemes seem to always get the job done, it’s important to add bursts of color to transform a room into an eye-catching space that impresses anyone who steps inside! Some of the best ways to bring in color is through the accessories, like your throw pillow and blankets, or with wall art.


Quit procrastinating! Your rooms are not doing to design or decorate themselves. Get started today and finally create the spaces you’ve been dreaming about. And if you need help getting started, call a designer like Meyer Lucas Design & Renovation! We can help you design the home of your dreams!


Research! Hit the google machine, Pinterest, or your favorite Instagram design accounts for the inspiration you need. Before you know it, you’ll have all of the ideas you’ve been looking for!


Style should be consistent! Whatever your style is - whether it’s modern or farmhouse - it’s important to keep the theme consistent throughout the home. If your kitchen is super sleek and modern, it won’t look right if your living spaces are rustic and natural looking. Incorporate your desired look throughout your home.


Texture is your best friend! Bringing textures into your decor and design can add depth and take your spaces to the next level! Add texture with pillows, rugs, walls, and furniture.

Texture game on point!

Texture game on point!


Utilize the spaces you have. If you don’t have a lot of space in your living spaces, use the space wisely by incorporating items with storage, and furniture that fits in the room you have. And if it’s not enough, call Meyer Lucas Design & Renovation and we’ll help you knock down some walls to open up your spaces!


Variety! Make sure to add variety in your decorations and designs. Vary colors, textures, and styles to complete your spaces.


Wall art! Bare walls are boring, and they don’t add anything to enhance your design. Wall art can bring together the space and complete your desired color scheme or style. This can also help you to achieve the texture or contrast you’ve been searching for.

mlre blog wall art.jpg


Sorry, I’ve got nothing for this one! Not too many home design related words that start with X, Lol.


You! Your home is an extension of you and those you live with, so when it comes to your home design and decor choices, make sure they reflect you and the ones you love!


Zen! At the end of the day ( and the alphabet!), your home should be somewhere that you can relax. Your design and decor should be cohesive with a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. Only include what makes you happy!