Condos vs. Townhomes

In Jupiter, Florida, there is no shortage of condos and townhomes. You may be wondering, what’s the difference? Check out this post to find out!

If you’re considering purchasing a condo or a townhome, you need to be aware of the distinctions between them. To start, a condominium is a building or complex of buildings containing apartments that are individually owned. A townhome is a single story, or multi story home attached to a similar home by one or more walls.


Now, let’s get into the specifics…

HOA Fees

Condos usually have higher HOA fees since exterior upkeep is included. In townhomes, homeowners are responsible for more of the upkeep, so the HOA fees are less. Still, trash removal and some maintenance is covered by townhome HOAs.


In terms of the community feel, condos tend to be more community based, with more amenities like a clubhouse, pool, or golf course. While some townhome neighborhoods also have these amenities, others may be much more private.


Typically, an owner of a condominium only owns the inside of their home. But in a townhome, the owner owns the exterior as well as the interior. This can include the roof, lawn, and driveway, but not the communal areas. In a condo, these features would be owned by the Homeowner’s Association.

Home Insurance Rates

Since condo owners only have to insure the inside of their home, insurance rates tend to be lower than in townhomes. Owners of townhouses need to cover both interior and exterior.


Although not true for all cases, condos are usually smaller in size than townhomes. Townhomes can be much larger and have multiple stories.


Condo communities can be made up of individual units or apartment-style homes. Townhomes are typically connected to each other by one or two walls with no units above or below them.

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