8 Ways Homeowners Can Strike Gold and Save Money in 2019

In honor of St. Patty’s Day weekend, we think it’s fitting to write a blog about how you can strike gold this year as a homeowner. Follow these tips and tricks to wind up with a bigger pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow (or the year).


1. Hire us!

First and foremost, hire an MLRE agent if you’re thinking of buying or selling because #duh.

mlre blog seal pavers.jpg

2. Seal your pavers.

This is an obnoxious chore because let’s face it, nothing is sexy about sealed pavers, however sealed pavers have tons of wallet padding benefits from preventing the sand under your driveway or pool deck from shifting and mold growth away, to keeping their vibrant new-ish look intact.

mlre blog impact door.jpg

3. You need impact windows and doors.

Impact windows and doors are not only all the rage for hurricanes & safety but they’re tremendously impactful (lol) on your bottom line as a homeowner. Not only will your insurance premium be lower, added bonus: less anxiety during hurricane season which means more time for you to focus on stocking up on that canned tuna fish you’ll never eat.

mlre blog clean home.jpg

4. Hire a cleaning service.

Housekeepers & professional cleaners are an added expense but will do numbers for your bottom line when you go to sell. They’ll clean areas that you have never thought to reach and by doing so, even if only once per month, will ultimately keep your home right and tight and well maintained for your future resale. Want a cleaner recommendation? We’ve got you covered. Call our office or reach out to your MLRE agent for some cleaning fairy recs in your area.

mlre blog gutters.jpg

5. Get gutters.

Our minds aren’t the only things occasionallyyyy in the gutter. Your roof line should be, too. If you bought new construction, chances are you don’t have gutters on your home (thanks #insertbignationalbuilderhere #ahemLennar #lookingatyouTollBrothers #hiKennedyHomes)

Gutters are essential in South Florida to ensure water from our summer down pours are swiftly moved away from your foundation and aren’t soaking your fascia, trusses, or other wood areas on your roofline.

When you get home today (we all know you’re reading this at work, amiright?) check your roof line. If you don’t have gutters, go getcha some!

mlre blog ac filter.jpg

6. Change your AC filters on a regular schedule.

You will save money by increasing the lifespan of your HVAC, remove toxic micro-whatevers from the air, improving both your health and your home’s overall maintenance. Plus you won’t lose time away from work and school from being sick with a respiratory infection. Win-win, right?

mlre blog pressure clean.jpg

7. Pressure clean your roof and exterior.

First of all - Nobody likes the look of mildew and mold. It’s a bad look and also bad for your wallet if your HOA fines you for excessive residue on your house. But more importantly, removing sticky icky from the side of your house and roof will remove the creatures and microorganisms that eat away at stucco, wood, and even erode cement. Most yards in our Jupiter and Palm Beach area are irrigated with manmade pond water, right? That means pesticides from yard runoff are being splashed against your house every 2-3 days. Pressure wash that ish off, yo!

mlre blog leds.jpg

8. Replace regular filament bulbs with LEDs.

Believe it or not, regular filament light bulbs can give off an insane amount of heat. If you have lots of high hats and recessed lighting, it is likely you have little mini furnaces in your ceiling. Homes in Jupiter, Florida, the Palm Beach area or anywhere in South Florida do not need an extra reason to work their HVACs.

LEDs give off much less heat and are a longer more cost efficient lightbulb. They also look a heck of a lot better, especially if you use the same consistent shade of light throughout your home.