5 Easy Renovation Projects to Update Your Home

Renovating your home can be a long and difficult process, but not every update needs to be a big project. There are so many ways you can give your home the lift it needs without spending a lot of time or money.

Are you looking to spruce up your home by making just a few simple changes?

Check out this blog for 5 easy ways you can update your home without completely renovating. 

1. Up your entrance

The first thing anyone will notice about your home is your entrance. So make it grand!

Repaint your door with a rich, bold color to make your home stand out. Then add a welcome mat, plants, or a wreath. Impress your guests from the first sight!

Another easy project is to make a stunning entryway. Once your guests enter your home, they should feel comfortable, but the entryway should also be functional.

Add storage and hooks near your front door so you can get rid of the mess of jackets, umbrellas, and shoes at the entrance of your home.

2. Swap a light fixture

Looking for a simple solution to upgrade an outdated room? The answer is: a new light fixture.

By swapping out harsh or old lighting, you can change the atmosphere of a space.

The right lighting can help you achieve your decor dreams without breaking the bank!

bathroom vanity.jpg

3. Install a new faucet or sink

Do you have an old faucet or sink in your kitchen or bathroom? Consider updating it!

The easiest way to do this would be just to upgrade your faucet. Simple and inexpensive, and it can make a big difference!

If you don't mind spending the money, you may want to look for a new sink. Installing a vanity or sink can help you achieve the look you're going for and solve any storage problems you may have.

4. Add molding

A super easy way to make a space more elegant and luxurious is to add quality molding.

We recommend the addition of crown molding as a way to update your home without making too big of changes.

Your guests will surely be impressed with the details of your new molding!

5. Replace your hardware

Replacing the hardware in your kitchen or bathrooms is the PERFECT way to subtly upgrade your decor to the next level.

Brass and gold accents are on trend right now, but chrome and silver are still in the game!

If you have a modern or contemporary kitchen, opt for a sleek, elongated pull for clean lines. If you have an antique look or intricately designed cabinetry, opt for knobs or unique choices.

There you have it! Hope your find these tips & tricks useful in your renovation projects!