5 Best Plants to Grow Inside Your Home

Bringing plants inside your home is one of the best ways to purify the air and destress. While they may be a bit of a hassle to take care of, they can make any space brighter and more relaxed. A bonus: they look BEAUTIFUL!

Check out these 5 types of low effort houseplants that will increase oxygen levels and decrease toxins in your home.

plants - aloe.jpg


Aloe is the ultimate multi-tasker of the houseplants! Its gel soothes skin and helps to heal cuts or burns, and the plant helps to remove carbon dioxide from the air and increase oxygen. Go Aloe! It grows best in bright, indirect light.

plants - spider plant.jpg

Spider Plant

This plant is one of the most common plants to have indoors. Spider plants are easy to grow and maintain, and they look great with any decor. Better yet, they are extremely effective at fighting pollutants and increasing air quality.

Plants - bamboo plant.jpg

Bamboo Palm

Looking to add a plant that will add to your tropical vibe? Bamboo Palms are an awesome way to achieve a tropical feel in any living space. They do well with bright light, but can also live in low lit areas as long as they receive enough water. These palms are non toxic to pets and they are great for air purification!

plants - rubber plant.jpg

Rubber Tree

Rubber trees THRIVE in low lit areas and cooler climates, so they are perfect for those places in your home that could use a plant, but don’t receive bright light. Rubber trees are known for their ability to remove toxins and their low maintenance nature.

plants - dieffenbachia.jpg


This plant has large, beautiful leaves and can grow up to 4 feet tall! The Dieffenbachia plant is a low-light plant that purifies the air and looks great in your home.