For Sale Sign Gets a Major Makeover

We use technology in everything we do - from tracking our steps to changing the thermostat from our iPhones - so why stop at real estate signs?

Compass has recently unveiled a game changer: a technologically advanced "for sale" sign that will set new standards in real estate industry. The For Sales signs you know are things of the past with Compass' latest design hitting the market soon. 

for sale compass night.jpg

Compass Sets Standards

Compass knows that being on top means staying relevant in the ever changing digital world, and this groundbreaking advancement secures them that spot.

A technology-equipped sign will become the new norm in real estate, and Compass will be known for being the start of it all.

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The Overview

While real estate signs haven't seen major changes in decades, other than improved photo quality and printing, this new sign is ICONIC. It is a powder-coated metal circle with a customizable inner light-tube encasing an informational board with the listing agent's name, phone number, and email address.

As long as they have the Compass app, a prospective buyer will be notified via smart phone if they are within 20 feet of the sign. What if they don't have the Compass app? No problem, the sign has a QR code that can be scanned to see the listing information instantly.

What Can the Agents Do?

By syncing their phones to the sign through their agent app, realtors will be able to have control over the aesthetic, meaning they can change the light tube's animation.

Soon enough, agents will be able to monitor the interactions prospective buyers or interested parties are having with the signs.

The Future of the Sign

This sign is only the beginning. Compass has revealed high hopes for the future of the sign and the advanced technology that will come with it.

Spangler, Compass' chief creative officer says soon, interacting with the sign will be able to show unique information about the listing on your smartphone.

For example, for a listing that is a plot of land, you will be able to see a virtual home, or you can change the exterior paint color of a home.

After that, Compass anticipates connecting with smart home technology so agents can use the sign as lockbox, for a message to a client, or to turn the lights on or off.

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