Summer 2018 - 7 Home Design Trends We Love

Home design trends can be tricky.  They ebb and flow with various outside factors including changes in the economy, technological advances in the way we "home", material availability (hello, aluminum shortage of 2014), and societal adaptations (RIP formal entry-living room). 

Keeping up with the latest design trends can be difficult, even if you are following all the right Insta accounts (see our blog next week for our faves, btw!)   

We've consulted our local experts and have compiled our favorite design trends for Summer 2018.  We parsed it down to 7 specific elements that we feel have long-term sustainability so you can design your home like a pro this summer and not feel like your trend is going out of style next week. 

Full disclosure -- putting Tropical Print and Velvet in every room of your home will not increase its value from $500k to $1M+.  Don't be that guy.  Use each trend strategically.  And if you need some advice, holler at our MLRE Design & Renovations team!  We are always happy to chime in, jump in, and get #renovatin' for you. 

design - marble.jpg

1. The Resurgence of Marble

While this may not be a new trend, marble has recently revamped its popularity, especially this year! Everyone is going crazy by using marble EVERYWHERE. From phone cases to kitchen counters, the marble craze is real! Try this trend in your next renovation or simply incorporate the look with pillows or comforters!

design - tropical.jpg

2. Tropical Prints

Every year, there is another new popular print that pops up just about everywhere. Remember when pineapples starting appearing in fashion and decor? Well, this year is all about the TROPICAL print! This tropical look has gained popularity and will continue to be a great trend to add to your decor!

design- artisan.jpg

3. Artisan Pieces

Okay so you might be thinking, what exactly is an "artisan piece". Interior designers have always loved incorporating design elements that are unique and stand-alone, and this summer is no exception.  One thing that really stands out for Summer 2018, are handcrafted and originally designed pieces to make spaces more personal and artistic. From prints to furniture to lighting, the artisan look is dominating this summer and we are all IN.  

design - brass.jpg

4. Brass Hardware & Fixtures

While on the surface, this trend may feel very 1980s, if done correctly, brass finishes can kick all the (br)ass this summer!   We’re here to tell you that brass hardware is BACK BABY.   

Homeowners are opting for brass in light fixtures, chandeliers, and bathroom hardware. As opposed to silver finishing, brass is bolder and brighter, which is perfect for the current aesthetic trends in decor. Add brass in the right places, and it will never go out of style!

design trend - floral.jpg

5. Bold Florals

There’s never been a better time to add that floral print to every room in your home!  From couch cushions to wall art, Summer 2018 is your chance to add the flower-filled decor that you’ve been dreaming about, but aren't sure whether or not to pull the trigger. 

Between our Tropical Print recommendation and the Bold Florals trend, you might as well paint your home in floor to ceiling Lilly Pulitzer and call it a day, right?  We're only partially kidding.  #palmbeachin'

design trend - velvet.jpg

6. Velvet Furnishings 

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of VELVET?  There is something about the silkiness, texture, sound, and dynamics of velvet that you can't help but swoon over. 

It’s also a great fabric to use to capture that modern or vintage decor feel, and can make any space look totally chic!

Add a velvet couch, chairs, or bed frame to make a room feel luxurious and elegant!

design - colorful kitchen.jpg

7. Colorful Kitchens

Who said kitchens had to be white or brown only? Well, 1990 - 2015 decor experts, that's who.

But starting around 2015, we have seen a renaissance with the bold, beautiful and colorful kitchen.

For Summer 2018 we are LOVING a little COLOR in our kitchen designs!  Brightly colored elements have become a recent trend in decor, so why stop at just an accent wall? 

Designers are incorporating colorful light fixtures, backsplash tile, and appliances to spice up spaces into personalized and original designs.

There you have it, #JupLife'ers!  Whether you are thinking of refreshing the decor in your Jupiter home or doing a full scale renovation in your Palm Beach Gardens townhouse, we are confident you are armed with the 7 best trends in home decor to help guide your choices.  

If you would like to speak with one of our local home design and renovations experts or one of our award winning licensed realtors in the Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens area, give our team a shout!  (561) 406-5228.