Meet the dream team behind our top agents

Every dream team in the history of ever (fact check us!  It's true) has had a dynamic operations team behind them, helping cross every t, dot every i, and ensuring the task at hand is done to perfection. 

Our Client Operations Team at Meyer Lucas Real Estate is no different and our top producing agents don't know where we would be without them.  (Literally.  The Ops Team puts together our maps, itineraries, schedules our appointments -- they our left hands, right hands, and sometimes even our brains.)

From coordinating the professional photography on your listing, to verifying our buyers' escrow funds, from making sure our flyer boxes are always filled with immaculately designed brochures, to designing said brochures from start to finish, this team does it all. 


Have you ever considered a career in real estate?  Send us a note.  We are always looking for dynamic, high energy, and professional hustlers to join our ranks. 

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